Sennheiser - USMZC1 - Shotgun Ceiling Mount Accessory For Mkh20, Mkh30, Mkh40, Mkh50 And K6 Shotguns

Sennheiser USMZC1 The Sennheiser MZC1 Ceiling Mount allows for MKH and K6 series shotgun microphones to be mounted overhead. The mount features a threading that accommodates MKH and K6 series microphone mounts and the hook-style clips keep the mount suspended using proper mounting wire (not included). The MZC1 is an optimum choice for mounting over pulpits, stages, lecterns, theatrical performances, etc. Shotgun ceiling mount accessory for MKH20, MKH30, MKH40, MKH50 and K6 shotguns

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