Fresh Red Cherries, 2.25 lb bag

Prima Frutta
Cherries, California 1 package Good for you. Grower. Packer. Shipper. Did You Know? You can actually freeze fresh cherries for up to 3 months! So, buy extra cherries when they are in season, and youll be able to enjoy them throughout the fall and into winter. Health Facts: cherries are rich in: vitamin C; potassium; vitamin B complex. Explore the recipe section of our website for great dessert, entree and drink ideas! Product of the USA. Freezing Tips: Wash and dry cherries leaving the stems intact. Place in freezer bag and remove as much air as possible. When you are ready to use them, thaw cherries in the refrigerator and enjoy. Storing Fresh Cherries: Refrigerate unwashed cherries in this convenient resealable bag and wash just before eating. 1 package Linden, CA 95236

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