TCC TC-753LC SILVER Phono Preamp w/AUX Input, Premium High Output Adaptor and TC-ADUSB Digital Recording Adaptor COMBO

Phono Preamps
"Buy this combo package and save nearly $20 off the cost of purchasing and shipping these three items separately... Frustrated by the lack of inputs on your minisystem or home theater receiver? Tired of having to unplug your TV audio or MP3 player whenever you want to play or record an LP? This phono preamp is for you. Our TC-753LC features vastly improved specs (equivalent to the much more expensive TC-754) over the previous version and adds the output level control feature which has made the TC-750LC our best selling model. Now there's no reason to choose between specs and convenience; you can have both! Our optional 1 amp regulated premium AC adaptor (twice the current of the standard adaptor) is also included... Looking for a simple and quick way to connect your turntable and preamp to your computer for recording or listening? It doesn't get easier than this. Simply plug the TC-753LC into our TC-ADUSB, connect its USB cable into your Mac or Windows computer, and go to it! Either analog port (one RCA, one 1/8"" mini-plug) can be used for input; the second port provides a pass-thru signal to feed to your stereo receiver or amp, so you can listen thru your stereo and computer simultaneously. Unlike many other USB audio adaptors, the record level controls and meters in your audio editing software will work with ours. Our TC-ADUSB FAQ page has everything you need to get started digitizing your records to MP3 or CD-Rs."

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