Super Skewer Hand-crafted Wooden Case with 12 Square Super Skewers - FREE STANDARD SHIPPING IN USA

Grilltime, LLC
"This is a great gift for the Barbequer that has everything. This case is custom made exclusively for Grill Time and, as are all our products, it is made in the USA. The case is hand-crafted and comes in 6- and 12-skewer models for your Original, Flat or Square Super Skewers. This is that unique gift you have been looking for! The Square Super Skewer has a crafted wooden handle. The stainless steel tine measures 19.5"" in length. It is 3/16"" square with a pointed tip to make meat/vegetables easy to place onto the skewer. The overall length of the skewer is 22.5"" including the handle (19.5"" steel tine and 3"" handle). The square section allows you to cook and turn meat evenly on all four sides. Perfect for: * Marshmallows (camping trips/over a cozy winter fireplace) * Chorizo * Portuguese Espetada * Brazilian Churrasco * Chicken/lamb kebabs (Greek or your own style) Imagination is your limit."

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