Gund Sleeping Rover 5" Animated Plush

His name is Rover & this adorHle plush dog from Gund is sure to become your new best friend. Made with extra soft plush fur & stitched on sleeping eyes, you're just going to love snuggling with this 13" animated toy pooch. Press Rover's paw, this comical sleeping pooch's stomach moves up & down, his tail wags & his long face shakes as he snores & talks in his sleep! "A bacon, cheese kibble burger" "Better run squirrel, I'm gunna get ya", "Must destroy this newspaper", "You'll never figure out where I buried that slipper", "Yes Fe Fe, the matching bows on your ears & tail are beautiful", "Roll down the window, come on roll down the window...wahooooo".This cute pup is sure to make anyone smile!

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