GUND 4033223 Lynnie Talking I Love You Mommy Plush Teddy Bear

Give your mom something special for mothers day with Lynnie from GUND! This very cute little light brown teddy bear is made with super soft plush material and comes wearing a pretty pink sheer satin bow tied around her neck. Shes tightly stuffed to and cuddly. She can sit upright on her own. But the best part about this cute little girl is the message she gives to your mom. Just press the embroidered swirl on her paw and Lynnie tells that special lady one of several messages in a friendly child's voice: I love you mommy! Thanks for always being there for me! You're the sweetest mommy ever! A great big hug for you! I'm a lucky kid with you for as a mom! And Muah, A big kiss for you!

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