GUND Mushmellows 4035935 Monkey Plush

Mushmellows stuffed animals by GUND are made with one thing in mind, cuddling. The Mushmellows Monkey Stuffed Animal by GUND is one of several of these fantastic plush animals that feature under-stuffed bodies, optimal for cuddling, and extremely delicate and soft plush fur. This Mushmellows Monkey is bound to be an instant favorite at bedtime. On top of being the ultimate cuddle machine, this monkey stuffed animal is also incredibly cute. Double trouble! Little black eyes, cute ears, and a precious smile gives this sitting plush monkey a warm and delightful appearance that is overloaded with personality. You can try to resist but you can't avoid falling in love with the Mushmellows Sitting Monkey Stuffed Animal. Cuddlers are going to cuddle!

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