GUND 4037002 Spotto the Baby Safe Plush Pink Dog

Every baby deserves a special gift and what could be more special than a precious dog? Spotto the Baby Safe Plush Pink Dog by GUND measures twelve inches from head to toe and has embroidered facial features that make it safe for dog lovers of all ages to enjoy. The delightful design of this baby safe stuffed pink dog has a modern and upscale feel to it that is tastefully unique. Plus, crinkling ears add a stimulating element that make Spotto a joy to hug and cuddle. This plush pink dog has it all! It's safe. It's stylish. It's stimulating. What's not to love about this stuffed pink dog? Absolutely nothing! The only thing this plush dog is lacking is a special baby to love. Hopefully you can help Spotto find a new friend!

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