3M 2PS-26003 Spray Gun Adapter No.2C

3M. PPS. adapter converts leading commercial spray guns into ones that can use the 3M. Paint Preparation System (PPS.), save workers time in the preparation of paint materials: measuring, mixing, and filtering of paint materials. PPS. is an all-in-one disposable painting system that produces cleaner jobs, saves on paint consumption, reduces solvent usage by up to 70%, and improves the operator’s efficiency by up to 50% between the prep (mixing, measuring, and filtering) and clean-up time FeaturesAdapter converts typical spray guns into ones that work with the 3M. PPS. (Legacy) paint preparation systemSpecifically designed adapters, allows painters to use the PPS. with virtually any spray gunStainless steel adapter offers exceptional durabilityThreaded adapter is easy to installAll-in-one solution reduces chance of outside contamination, delivers consistent material transfer for improved quality and reduced paint consumptionPPS. reduces cleaning solvent consumption by 70 percentPPS. helps painters improve quality, lower material cost, reduce solvent consumption and improve productivity with less mess and easier use than traditional metal/plastic paint cup systemsSpecificationsColor: SilverType: 2CWeight: 0.15 lbs

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