Rachael Ray 2-Piece Suction Lid Set

Rachael Ray
9.259.25-", 11.5-"
The Rachael Ray Suction Lids Set is a fantastic kitchen accessory package that has the potential to help smart cooks save money and reduce waste. These handy lids make it easy to seal and store leftovers. Rachel Ray lids reduce the need for foils, plastic wraps and freezer bags that just wind up in the trash. Suction Lids work by forming an airtight seal to keep anything from turkey chili to servings of spaghetti fresh in the fridge or freezer. When prepping meals, keep grated cheese, diced onions and shredded lettuce securely covered for lasting flavor and better texture. This two-piece set of cooking lids includes one medium-sized lid and one large-sized lid. They will adhere to any flat-topped container, including mixing, serving and dinner bowls. Use the two-piece cooking lids set to keep prepared meals warm at the dinner table or to quickly stow leftovers for later enjoyment.

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