JM Smucker Crosse & Blackwell Mustard & Pickle Relish, 9.34 oz

Crosse & Blackwell
9 oz
Crosse & Blackwell Chow Chow Piccalilli.Crosse & Blackwell® Chow Chow Piccalilli.Since 1706.Mustard & pickle relish.15 calories per 1 tbsp.Pocket club sandwiches: Fill pita pockets with ham & cheese; spread with Crosse & Blackwell® Chow Chow Piccalilli Mustard & Pickle Relish & Mayo.Add red onion slices & fresh greens.Serve.Try this sandwich with other deli meats or for smaller appetites, try with a mixture of veggies.Enjoy!There is nothing else like it!A highly seasoned combination of pickled vegetables and piquant mustard, Crosse & Blackwell Chow Chow Piccalilli creates a luscious, tangy condiment.One of Crosse & Blackwell brand's earliest products, it is now a beloved British-style tradition, typically served with sandwiches, meats and cheese.Call toll free 1-888-643-7219 with questions or comments.For recipes and seasonal ideas visit us at

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